Youth Summer Events - Permission Slips - Copy
Youth Summer Events - Permission Slips - Copy
This form is our "Summer Events" permission slip. Parent will be required to type your name next to each event you are authorizing your student to participate in. For full details on each event, please see our website:
Student Name  * 
Student Address  * 
City, State, Zip  * 
Parent Name  * 
Parent Phone #  * 
Emergency Contact Name  * 
Emergency Contact Phone #  * 
I understand that Brighton Christian Church is not liable for any accident involving my child beyond reasonable control. In case of emergency, I authorize medical help if necessary. To authorize the events below, parents type your FULL name next to events your students will participate in.
Hope House Big Event, July 14-15 - Parent Authorization:
Hangout at Reitz home for tubing, swimming, cookout. Saturday, July 29 - Parent Authorization:
Global Village: Cultural Connection. Thursday, August 10 - Parent Authorization:
Day Trip to West-side Dunes. Saturday, August 19 - Parent Authorization:
Cedar Point Day Trip. Thursday, August 31 - Parent Authorization:
Does your child have any medical issues that BCC youth sponsors should be aware of?  * 
If Yes, please indicate:
Will you be sending medication with your child?  * 
By typing your full name, you are authorizing your child to attend the events filled in above with Brighton Christian Church.  * 
If you have additional information that would be helpful to us regarding your child attending any of the above events, please share them here.
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